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The brief

GBS Apprenticeships are an apprenticeship provider based in Chesterfield. We were tasked with helping them to understand, create and evolve the GBS brand, improving on the pre-existing one which was simply a logo. They had no prior focus on messaging or understanding of what makes them unique in a competitive landscape.

They had a website which was more focused on the group rather than the apprenticeship division, this meant a completely new website with the key focus being on generating leads and reflecting their new brand positioning.

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The solution

Our initial focus was to explore the brand of GBS apprenticeships and where they differentiate themselves within a competitive industry. It was clear early on from our workshops that their key difference was in fact the personal journey they take their learners and employers on. Led by a team that are heavily focused on creating a unique connection with everyone that comes in contact with the business, taking them on an a transformative process.

Float like a butterfly

A transformative process

The term ‘transformation’ was key during our visual exploration stage of the GBS brand, focusing on butterfly imagery to portray the journey of the customer. We were quickly able to create a cohesive, clean brand that is focused on strategy and personality, inline with the development of a new website and focused on connecting with customers and converting them into leads.

We couldn’t be prouder to have you as our marketing branding partner. You all went above and beyond.

Penny Guard | GBS Ltd

Clean and simple

Emphasis on the user journey

After developing the visual identity of the brand we knew that we had to focus on making sure the website followed the same clean, simple visual approach with a clear user journey. We used the brand colours and circles to help emphasise headings and key areas of content to help guide the user as well as ensuring it’s visually appealing and consistent.

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