We’re branding experts that work with you to maximise your potential with effective design, across all platforms.

We are branding experts based in Derby creating purposeful brands with results through research, strategy and design.

We build unique brands. We work with companies of all sizes, whether it’s building new brands for start-ups or repositioning an existing company. We look to drive brands forward with a long-lasting, competitive edge.

Our strategic expertise and creative insight combine to provide innovative ideas where the creation of real purpose, value and meaning is most important. Our proven six-stage process identifies your unique points of difference, distills the ‘why’ that powers your brand and captures your authentic personality to build a story that you can own. This powerful new brand story fuels the creation of your new brand design identity.

What we offer.

From Design to Build and onto Market, we do it all.

Brand identity design.  Icon
Brand identity design. Keep your identity consistent and your resources in sync.
Brand strategy.  Icon
Brand strategy. We build your brand from the ground up, by distilling your who, what, how and why then translate this into a unique brand.
Brand audits.  Icon
Brand audits. In our unique audit reports we identify and answer all the big questions about your brand in one place.
Brand positioning.  Icon
Brand positioning. We provide a valuable and clear viewpoint on your current position and future opportunities as a brand.
Brand advertising.  Icon
Brand advertising. With unique visual and compelling content, we can help your brand leave a lasting impression.
Brand workshops.  Icon
Brand workshops. In our workshops, we get to the heart of what you understand your business to be, and what your vision for the future is.

Our approach.

It starts with building our knowledge and understanding about our clients.


1 - Scoping.

We kick all of our branding projects with an initial scoping session, an overview of your companies requirements, budget and timeframe. This insight allows us to assess and understand the full project and begin plotting the potential strategic approach to maximise your potential.


2 - Audit.

Our brand audit is thorough, to say the least. We offer an examination of any branding elements, understanding what works, and what impression they give to your customers. We like to get into the heart of your business understanding where your strengths and weaknesses lie.


3 - Proposal.

It’s at this stage that we will provide you a proposal that outlines all of the requirements from the project, including the scoping documents and brand audit to provide a clear understanding of the project and the expectations.

Strategy workshop.

4 - Strategy workshop.

Our brand strategy workshop is the perfect opportunity for us to fully understand what makes your company tick, we will discuss: brand vision, purpose, values, messaging, customer and competitor landscape. This insight is collected into a neat document called the ‘Discovery Report’ a leverage for your business and the design phase.

Visual exploration.

5 - Visual exploration.

Using the essence of who you are, what you do and where you aim to be, this stage we will begin to develop an effective and impactful visual identity. We use this exploratory stage to design something together that we feel represents who you are and the applications of how your brand could be.


6 - Delivery.

In this final stage we look to equip you with everything you need to successfully launch your brand internally and externally with your customers. This as a standard will include, brand guidelines, messaging, tone of voice and stationary.