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Our unique audit report identifies the answers to the big questions you have been asking about your brand, all in one place.

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Why you should audit your brand?

Before you decide to invest in a rebrand it may be worth reassessing your current brand and understand the purpose behind it. It’s a helpful reminder of where you currently are is comparison to where you wanted to be.

Completing a brand audit will give you the opportunity to as yourself questions such as, why does my business exist and who does it exist for? Are we living up to our company values and are our messages being conveyed correctly?

You might not need a full rebrand and instead a brand evolution may let you focus on growing a particular area of your business. 

How to conduct a brand audit

Collect as much documentation, guides and online information that you can relating to your brand. A good audit will focus on the documentation and guidelines that align to your brand identify.

Consider the starting point to be any existing brand guidelines, these will have been created to align to the objectives of the business when they were first created. All documentation, internal and external facing campaigns or collateral should be in line with these brand guidelines. 

We often see that over time your online identity and printed collateral goes through a ‘brand drift’ which can be seen clearly when conducting a full audit. Don’t forget to also review testimonials from your clients, PR and news mentions as these will also provide you with an external viewpoint of how your audience consider your brand.

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Who should conduct a brand audit?

Completing a brand audit is a methodical approach, ideally this should be carried out by an expert in branding or a member of your internal team depending on your resources and your size.

All good audits will result in a formal feedback report and it’s a good idea to ensure that you can be completely honest during this process. If an internal team member is carrying out the audit they may need access to sensitive information which is why businesses consider the support of an external agency, like us, to support in the process. 

External agencies can view your brand without any predetermined judgements and can consider how your brand appears in the eyes of the customer, giving your honest, real and reliable feedback.

Your Audit Report on your Brand

Our team will review the key areas for your brand audit report and provide you with detailed feedback on the areas we have identified. As with all audits of any kind, we identify the potential areas for improvement, consider their implication and provide the recommendations for you to consider.

The primary goal of completing an audit is to help you and your business. We aim to add value through our relationship and we’ll only provide you with the right information, advice and recommendations that we believe align to your own goals as a business.

It may be that one of our recommendations is that you carry out a rebrand, don’t worry, this isn’t a standard answer for everyone as this can be a costly exercise when it may be that you need to evolve your brand in a new direction to better meet your objectives.

Maintaining your Brand for the Long Term

Whether you’ve audited your brand or completed a full rebrand it’s important to make sure that your brand is maintained and stays on the right track. By completing periodic audits and check ups you can make sure you continue to benefit from the hard work you put into establishing your brand.

Working with an agency like ours we always take the time to fully understand you and your brand, it’s the start of all of our projects and gives us the best position to support you from and means we can support you on the journey to building a great brand with our brand ambassador services or ongoing marketing support.

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