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Keep your brand identity consistent and your marketing resources in sync with the development of your very own logo, brand guidelines, and social media imagery.

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What is Brand Identity?

Many people believe that a logo defines your brand, you’d be wrong. The identity of your brand extends far beyond just your logo. It encompasses the mission of your business, visual identity, and how credible & trustworthy you’re with your customers. The logo and your name are just the start.

When establishing your identity is important to remember that your corporate identity should translate across a variety of mediums. From the typography that you chose – to the types of photography or illustrations you use. It conveyes across your marketing collateral and online presence.

To create a successful brand, you need to complete foundations of your brand strategy and brand messaging. This will help create a powerful brand identity.


Creating an Effective Logo Design

Logos are generally seen as the ‘face’ of your business, they are the symbols that most people will recognise when discussing your brand image. A logo contributes to the visual identity of your brand and serves as a first impression of your business to your audience. 

An effective logo design should be versatile so that it can be used across multiple branding design projects. But it should also be memorable and appropriate for your audience and representative of your business. 

There are many different types of logo from emblems used to convey a sense of tradition or longevity to logotypes where your brand is your name. Using a creative agency like us, our experts can ensure that you have an effective logo that truly demonstrates you and your business.

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Choosing the right Colour Palette for your Brand

Colour isn’t just an aesthetic element, used correctly is can form a vital part of your overall visual identity. The use of colour can increase your impact and benefit your brand, it is able to draw attention and importantly differentiate yourself from your competitors.

The colour palette over time has developed meaning. Our design experts can guide you through the development of your brand image and ensure that your brand colours convey the right message.

The right colour palette for your brand, including the primary and complementary colours will be incorporated into your new brand guidelines. Making sure that your branding remains consistent.

What font should you use?

A good use of typography is not only important for the overall impression of your brand identity, but it can also reflect on the quality of your product or service. There are many different styles of font or typefaces available from open source to custom created typefaces that are specific to your brand.

Working with a design agency – we can guide you through the various options and narrow down the most appropriate selections for you. Ensuring that they’re distinctive to your brand as well and being flexible for use across both print and web. Establishing your overall brand cohesively. 

The typography you choose will form part of your brand guidelines. We’ll prepare a comprehensive style guide that provides you with relevant examples of the typography used in headings, subheadings, as well as the body copy required. 


Creating your Brand Identity Toolkit

The final product for your brand identity design is your comprehensive brand guidelines. These will be accumulated over a number of feedback sessions. As we explore your identity through our visual exploration process. 

Collectively your brand guidelines will help you communicate your brand now and in the future. Reinforcing your vision, mission, and values in a clear and distinctive way.

It will form the basis for your brand stationery, including your business cards and letterheads as a minimum. We’ll always aim to provide real life examples and mock-ups of how your brand will be used in the real world.

At the end of any rebranding process or brand evolution, we’ll hand over all the assets you need to take your new brand identity forward to your audience and support with the roll out of your new identity.

Our Branding Services

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Brand identity design

Keep your identity consistent and your resources in sync.

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Brand strategy

We build your brand from the ground up, by distilling your who, what, how and why then translate this into a unique brand.

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Brand audits

In our unique audit reports we identify and answer all the big questions about your brand in one place.

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Brand positioning

We provide a valuable and clear viewpoint on your current position and future opportunities as a brand.

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Developing a new, differentiated identity in the minds of your customers and competitors to deliver the desired results for your business.

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Brand workshops

In our workshops, we get to the heart of what you understand your business to be, and what your vision for the future is.

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