Derbyshire Institute of Sport

Born for Sport

The brief

Derbyshire Institute of Sport are a Community Interest Company that are on a mission to Develop, Inspire and Support the next generation of sporting Champions.

Chloe Maudsley, Managing Director at DIS tasked us with creating new marketing collateral to that could be used to support their engagement activities and promote two services offers. The Business Champions Club and the Support Packages for Elite Athletes.

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The solution

Grant, our Creative Director, worked closely with Chloe to ensure that we could apply the pre-existing brand guidelines for D.I.S. to provide a seamless experience from the digital presence already established to the new marketing collateral created.

Both new services were created into marketing leaflets that could be used both for traditional print but also for digital. It was important that the tone of voice and calls to action were prominent.

Graphic Design to Marketing

When working with existing brand guidelines it’s important that we take the time to understand how the brand identity should be conveyed across both print and digital marketing collateral and act as a brand ambassador for the business. Utilising existing guidelines provides a structure for our Graphic Designers to work from, providing the core structure for the development of marketing material. Our designers use the most appropriate software to deliver champion results. In this case we used Adobe Indesign to create professional looking flyers that we are proud of.

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