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The brief

When we first discussed website needs with WDS, they recognised the need to have one but hadn’t always considered how a website could contribute more to their business development.

We designed a custom website, simple and engaging that could be easily kept up to date by the client.

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The solution

WDS are naturally people focused and their relationships with their own customers are built on trust and their knowledge for the products they offer. We were keen to develop a refreshing site that complimented their own values and approach to business that could showcase who WDS are and the people behind the business.

People and Products

Did someone say printer?

One of the problems with the existing website was that it was not being kept up to date and its product range was outdated. One of our first jobs was to fully understand the full suite of products and services that WDS offered to its customers.

Our graphic design team created a range of new product images that were up to date and showcased the full suite of products available

Making it do more

Calls to action

To support with navigation for customers using the website, we made it as simple as possible for them to get the right contact when they need it. By identifying the types of requests made by customers to WDS we were able to create a set of purpose built call to actions that would make responding to customer queries and technical support easier.

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