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Understanding and creating innovative and engaging content for your business, targeted to your demographic and instilling your company ethos.

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Don’t Sell, Engage!

Content Marketing is when you share content that is important to your demographic and should aim to help them solve their problems. Through our content marketing services – we can deliver organic results.

Instead of explicitly advertising your product or service, our team can showcase content online that is focused around your target market’s needs, interests, and hobbies. The content that create and share for you will be targeted, educational or exciting, and not solely focused on what you are selling.


Content Creation Vs. Content Marketing

Before publishing your message, it needs to be created. think3 can go through the process of identifying, researching, and designing materials to capture your audience’s attention, followed by our content marketing services process. 

There is no point in creating fantastic content if no-one is ever going to see it. As a content marketing agency, our team ensures that your engaging, informative, and relevant content is distributed as effectively as possible to reach your target market. 

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The Right Platforms

Getting your content seen by the right people! We can guide you through what digital platforms your target market use and focus on sharing your content on these. 

There are over 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, these channels should be at the top of your list. Search engines, social sites, and Google Analytics all provide great social media demographic statistics; such as user age, gender, and geographical location. Which will help us confidently determine which platforms to publish your content on.  

Your content should also be shared via Email Marketing. Email Marketing has a higher conversion rate per session than both search and social combined. With your content being 45 times more likely to be seen through email than social media channels, we recommend that this is utilised in conjunction with multiple other methods. Our team are also able to share content on your Website, YouTube Channel and other Content Marketing platforms that provide great results. 

What’s The Point?

Content Marketing shows your target market that you are more than just sell, sell, sell. This approach has been proven to increase customer loyalty, revenue, and online engagement. Our team can provide your audience with the information they want to know – strengthening your brand reputation with thought leadership. 

One of the best ways to increases your SEO ranking is with Content Marketing. Our team can create content that includes your focus keywords, backlinks, and drives traffic back to your website. To ultimately improve your business’ visibility on search engines, such as Google.  

Most importantly, Content Marketing increases sales. Your content is an extension of your sales team. Our team will create and share content for you that has clear call to actions and shows your brand to be trustworthy, encouraging viewers to convert to customers.


Get Results!

We’ve worked with you to research your target market, have decided what platforms to use and have created beautiful content for you through our content marketing services. So, what’s next?

An important aspect of content marketing is making the right connections. Through your accounts, our team can share and engage with other business’ content so that, hopefully, they will share yours too. If you have different segments within your target market, we make sure to always have the right tone of voice when engaging with them.  

To get the best results from content marketing, you must constantly share insightful, engaging content that interests your audience. 

Our team utilise content scheduling tools to share your content consistently and at the most appropriate time for your audience, so that you don’t have to. These tools also provide in-depth statistics, to help us understand what is working and what isn’t, so that we can work with you to develop more content for the future.

Our Marketing Services

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Email Marketing

– Utilising email to connect and develop relationships with clients and simultaneously promote your business to a wider audience.

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Social Media Management Icon

Social Media Management

– Scheduling, analysing and creating engaging content for use across social media platforms showcasing the incredible work you do.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation Icon

Conversion Rate Optimisation

– Understanding the user journey by using analytics to determine the best strategy to convert general website traffic into leads.

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Paid Advertising Icon

Paid Advertising

– Driven by results, providing visible ROI customers can see their ad spend versus the traffic through to your website.

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Search Engine Optimisation Icon

Search Engine Optimisation

– Helping your company to be found online, through the use of keywords and phrases that define your business.

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Content Marketing

– Understanding and creating innovative and engaging content for your business, targeted to your demographic.

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