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Through highly targeted PPC and paid search management, our Google certified team provide visible ROI for customers.

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Google Ads: Paid Search Advertising

As Google Partners, we create, manage and optimise results driven Google Ads campaigns.

Google Ads allows businesses to create online ads which target people that are activily looking for products or services just like yours.

If you want to be seen on Google’s search results (SERP), we’re here to help. Through competitor research, keyword optimisation and strategic budget planning, our Google certified Adwords Managers ensure your PPC campaigns result in real growth.

Putting your ads infront of the right people, at the right time

With over 2 trillion searches a year, you are able to reach a very broad and large audience when running paid search campaigns through Google Ads.

Not only can we create engaging ads for your business, but make sure they are seen by your target market across various points of the customer journey.

Affordable and measurable

Costs related to PPC advertising are dependent on the objective or type of ad you are running. For example, if your objective is website traffic then you will incur a cost-per-click (CPC), or if your aim is brand awareness you will incur a CPM (Cost Per 1,000 Impressions).

There are many tools that help you to create the necessary images at very little or no cost at all. You can also keep track of the money you have spent on Google. You can set daily budgets and total budgets for campaigns so that you never overspend.

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Immediate impact

SEO is an incredibly important strategy for any business with a presence on the web. But, some businesses lose patience, as it can take months to rank for particular terms.

Google AdWords PPC ads give you an immediate impact, allowing you to appear at the top of the search results for the terms you want in a matter of hours. Of course, PPC costs money whereas SEO doesn’t (apart from the time investment), but it can be a lucrative investment when an expert puts your campaign together. PPC allows you to see the results of your campaigns in a matter of days or even hours, not months or possibly even years.

That’s not to say SEO isn’t worth the time. SEO is a fundamental part of having a successful website that generates revenue, but PPC and Google Ads advertising is always a big help in converting more potential customers, and finding new audiences.

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