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As an award-winning Marketing Agency, we provide the correct blend of top, middle, and bottom of the funnel marketing activities that contribute to an overall increase in business performance. We make sure to think commercially to meet your business goals.

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What is Performance Marketing?

Performance (puh-faw-muhns) noun – The extent to which an investment is profitable, especially in relation to other investments.

Let’s take that definition and apply it to marketing. To us, Performance Marketing is focusing on the numbers that matter; new leads, sales, online traffic, and revenue.

By taking away the ‘dark art’ of marketing, focussing on key business objectives, and applying the right marketing activities against them, will allow your marketing to perform, increase its effectiveness, and return a profit.

There are businesses, of all shapes and sizes, looking to achieve similar objectives. One thing we’ve found out, over many years, is, to recruit, train and retain a team of talented individuals who can contribute effectively to all the performance-based marketing activities you need, you’ll need a significant investment, and generally the results aren’t what you’d hope they would be.

We use the specialist talent of our staff to give you the equivalent of 1 full-time member of staff.

Our Performance Marketing package includes:

Is Performance Marketing right for you?

As with everything in marketing – It depends.

The context of your individual business goals determines what is the ‘right’ commercial decision for you. No need to worry, we have a ‘no bullsh*t approach’ – we will tell you straight away, what works and what doesn’t.

As a Marketing Agency, We’ve worked with many clients who have similar objectives; for example, they want to grow their revenue or expand their offer with a new product or service. They may want to reach new audiences and increase market share, or even raise brand awareness for a potential future sale of the business.

This is where performance marketing can impact directly on your specific objectives.

Each performance marketing plan is tailored against your strategic objectives. We spend the time devising the right plan, with the right mix of services, that will achieve business growth, deliver new leads, or put you in front of new audiences; making sure your brand is put in front of your target audience when they are actively searching for your service or product.

So, if you’re looking for a creative agency that ALSO understands business from the ground up – you’re in the right place!

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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a process used to make your website more visible to potential customers on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Ever wondered why you don’t appear above your competition when you search for your product or service? SEO is more than likely the reason. Your competition may have invested in SEO on their website, potentially for months or years, and therefore attracting more traffic than you!

One of the first places people will find a product or service is on their favourite search engine, however they’ll very rarely scroll pass the top half of page 1.

Search is often the primary source of traffic to a website, and therefore securing a higher ranking in the search results and getting ahead of your competition can deliver more traffic, more market share, and impact on your bottom-line results.

Search engines are constantly evolving and it’s important that an SEO specialist can contribute and develop the right plan of attack to put you ahead of your competition. They’ll be able to spot the right opportunities where you can get more traffic, by researching and recommending changes to your website to deliver even better performance marketing results.

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Content Marketing

Having useful content should be a core part of your marketing. Content marketing, done correctly, provides relevant information to a target audience. It increases trust and relevance with the objective of driving positive actions from your customers.

Not only is content marketing a useful resource when it comes to supporting customers through the buying cycle, but it also has additional benefits to support other digital marketing activities.

Content marketing can provide content for social media posts, as well as contributing to SEO activity, by generating natural inbound links, and for great content, it can also secure external links. Again, putting more trust in your brand and your website.

Producing quality content contributes to a customer’s decision-making process, when they are researching, or considering their options to buy or purchase a service or a product.

A well-planned content marketing strategy will contribute to audiences in both areas. We’ll identify the right content that’s needed to drive traffic and put your brand in front of them at the right moment.

Potential clients will find your content, find the value in it, and by the time they reach out to contact you, they have already been informed and decided to work with you, or buy from you, based on what they’ve already read.

In other words, let content do the selling for you!

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Digital PR

Digital PR is traditional PR, but on steroids.

It’s designed to increase your brand awareness. Like traditional methods of PR, but offers the chance to be seen by a much wider audience and relies on digital methods of reach including SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media.

When it comes to PR, harnessing a digital perspective can get you ahead and make you stand out from your competition.

As a Marketing Agency, we work with you to help build your brand; positioning you as experts in your field, seeking out press opportunities, media placements, and develop expert commentary.

With the right strategy for Digital PR, we’ll combine consistent activity with data, commentary, local PR and thought leadership with creative content marketing campaigns. Designed to target mass audiences, driving a high quantity of backlinks and traffic to your website, increasing your overall brand awareness.

We’ll work closely with journalists on your behalf and build relationships that puts your brand at the centre of media opportunities.

Identifying the right placements that are going to generate THE greatest return for your business, is where we’re at our best!

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Paid Advertising (PPC)

Google Search PPC is one of the fastest ways to get in front of your customers. With the correct research and some behind the scenes mingling, we always deliver campaigns that generate results (we’re a Google Partnered Agency for a reason).

Ever seen that little ‘Ad’ box next to a search result? More than likely, you have. Well, that’s a Paid Advertising placement.

They can appear at the top or bottom of search result pages and are businesses paying to appear in the results for their target audiences. The goal is to drive traffic straight to your website aimed at customers that are looking to consider your product or service as a valid option.

Central to any PPC activity is developing the right strategy, understanding what your customers are searching for and the questions they have. We’ll build and develop a plan around this and report back on each step so that you have full visibility on where your paid advertising spend is being utilised.

Using our tools and techniques, we’ll be able to identify the most suitable keywords for each campaign continually monitoring and adjusting these to maximise the performance delivering value for money.

For some campaigns, it might be recommended to develop a simple landing page that is designed to be a conversion machine for customers that land on your website. This could be for them to enquire, pick up the telephone or to capture potential leads. Our in-house developers will work with your website to create the pages that are needed.

With a PPC campaign you can target and tailor ads to ensure that the right traffic is being generated. We’ll continually optimise your ad campaigns to make sure that they are delivering the right audience, showing them at the right times and re-targeting to those who have shown an interest to keep them coming back to you.

Once the initial phase of a PPC campaign has delivered results we’ll be able to implement further refining to increase the return on investment whilst aiming to keep your advertising spend to a sensible level. Clearly if the results are that good you might want to put more spend into the campaign, we’ll recommend to you how to get the best results, delivering conversions and leads on the up.

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Social Media Management

In its essence, Social Media Management is about keeping your social media channels a hive of activity, promoting content that positions your brand as an expert in your field and most importantly drive engagement with your existing and new audiences.

We’ll work with you to define your target audiences and tell you where you can find them across social media. Developing an effective strategy that helps achieve your goals will assist growing your social following and drive further revenue.

Our team will carry out an audit of your social media channels; ensuring your branding across channels correlate, compiling your social media metrics, likes and followers, and analysing your competitor’s social media presence.

Once your target audiences have been established, we’ll work with you to decide on the right platforms that matter most to your audience. In addition to ensuring your social media accounts reflect your brand, as an expert Marketing Agency we look to build a platform specific content plan, drawing on all the other areas of your performance marketing plan to ensure your most valuable content is pushed out to your target customers.

Lastly, a critical part of social media management will include the monitoring of your social performance, focusing on the metrics that matter. We’ll tell you how well your social reach is increasing and how engaging certain content has performed month-on-month.

Note: If required, we can look to develop paid social media strategies aimed at generating targeted leads, clicks through to your website or promoted posts aligned to cornerstone content. Paid Social fees are excluded from the performance marketing plan.

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